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Earlier I mentioned the 5 attacks of the Devil that have worked since the time of Abraham and are in full operation today. Black Lives don't matter because we as a Black Nation cannot overcome the fear of walking in Unity because we know what happens when we do. The Klan my people is not greater than Our Father and you must know this. Look at them like Moses looked at the "Pharaoh" and unified afraid.... As in the time of the Pharoah we have given the Klan a reason to fear and they even with their apparent power are trembling at "Black Lives Matter" because it just might inspire "Unity". So even in the minds of some "Black Americans" Black Lives Matter has become a Terrorist group.... A group bringing more harm than help to Black People. But I am not looking at it from the natural world where in some minds that might be true but from the "Spiritual" Rhelm where nothing is impossible with God. As I write this I must also deal with my own fears and fear of the safety of my family in daring to tell the truth.

Let's look at "Black Lives Matter" and the "Spiritual" attack the Lord has enabled me to see.

Accusation: The "Spirit of Accusation" and the domino effect of its attack has been utilized by the Klan and by the "Pharaoh" Spirit for too many generations to count. Makes you wonder how "Black Americans can be Accused of being "Racist" when throughout History they have been invisible as a people. We have been distorted in History and so many lies and misconceptions of who we truly are as a "Nation" within a Nation. The "Spirit of Accusation operates fully with Fear. But know the Lord has not left us defenseless against this attack of Accusation causing Fear and our defense is "Faith". We have relied on our "Faith" to pull us through many attacks even the attack on the "First Black American President" of our time. Not only from Klan thinkers and actors but from his own People. His Faith was evident in "God's Amazing Grace".

Discord: The spirit of "Discord" ushers in the next "attack". With Discord it causes the choosing of sides. To tell you the truth in this attack it's always better to be on the Lord's Side...As I watched "White Evangelicals elect a openly Racist, Sexist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Woman, and a list of Anti's as long as you can count. Who has openly done everything he can against the "Word of God" that the whole world sees the "Fruit he bears" and have to watch in horror as He makes America White Again and nothing can be done to stop him or so it would appear? What's it about but the "Church" ruling over the people in order to avoid God's Will in leading the People.

Division: This is where the Pharaoh Spirit works to Divide and Conquer and often times it's so effective that only God can bridge the gap it achieves. When we look at this spirit we see the devastating effect it has had for the last eight years. With the accumulation of "Trump" as President of the USA holding the Nuclear Code and on the Brink of World War III. Where his son's and daughters will escape unscathed and with no skin in the games he is playing. Where the "Average American" black, white, Hispanic, and all other nations within a nation will pay the price. He becomes unstoppable and we become more divided and the only defense is "Unity"...

Wounds (Wounded): The Attack of the Wounded. What this does is those who are on the "Battlefield" for Unity must come off that field to tend to the wounded.

Offense: The spirit of "Offense" is the most devastating of all attacks. Because we are offended at this President and feel hopeless to do anything about it. "Black Lives Matter" Offends him because it speaks to Unity among the "Black Nation". Where this President is willing to label Black Lives Matter a Terrorist Group while supporting Neo Nazi's, White Nationalist, Police Brutality, NRA, and the Klan as "Nice People". Both sides did not commit Murder. Such as the Klan has been found "Not Guilty" or Never Charged throughout History during HIS STORY.

When is the "We the People" going to take a stand? Not We the Black People, White People, Hispanic People but a "United People" going to demand that the Congress and Senate make a "stand for the "People"... As I said earlier, I am active in my "Civic Duties" but when I look at those faces, I don't see many faces like mine but I do see faces that are fighting for people like me. When people like me began to care and join in Unity with those who are out there fighting for us in the greatest two forces on this planet...."Love and "We the People". We must be a "Indivisible Nation" under God doing God's Will on Earth as it is in "Heaven". Our History as a Black Nation coincides with those of the Native Americans and the Israelite Nation. Who was the Aggressor in those incidents in History causing such apprehension and fear? Fear inspired by man is doomed to fail. Only Fear of the Lord is Wisdom. The things the Klan has perpetrated in "God's Name" has stained it with innocent blood which the shedding of is an Abomination to the Almighty. The real spirit is not "Racism" but Men and Women don't Fear the Almighty. The Klan has committed genocide in the name of the Lord and we still will not admit they are the real Native Born "Terrorist" in America. Trump has given them a platform that will surely result in many atrocities before the last life falls.

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