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Black Lives will Matter when they began to Matter to other Black Lives.  When we begin to unify and support one another we will see a change.  You cannot defeat men and women with a "made up mind".  Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, John Lewis, and so many more succeeded because they made up their minds to support one another. 

When I join Civic Groups, I don't see faces of those who look like me, yet, those faces I do see care about what is happening to our Nation and our Country.  Many of our leaders during the Civil Rights Movement faced more Opposition from other Blacks than anyone else. Why is that? During this Presidential Campaign I noticed all the negative against "Black Live Matter" was from the ones that Black Lives should Matter.

When is the "We the People" going to take a stand? Not We the Black People, White People, Hispanic People but a "United People" going to demand that the Congress and Senate make a "stand for the "People"... As I said earlier, I am active in my "Civic Duties" but when I look at those faces, I don't see many faces like mine but I do see faces that are fighting for people like me. When people like me began to care and join in Unity with those who are out there fighting for us in the greatest two forces on this planet...."Love and "We the People". We must be an "Indivisible Nation" under God doing God's Will on Earth as it is in "Heaven". In my heart I know we will be fighting this battle of "Racism" till the 2nd Coming of Christ.  I also know you cannot defeat a Man or Woman with a made-up mind.  I've made up my mind to Conquer Hate with Love like the brothers and Sisters of Charleston.  It is also my hope to do whatever I can to Conquer Division with "Unity".  Black Lives Matter is just an Avenue in which to accomplish that but not the only Avenue on which to Travel to our Destination.  There are many Groups that Unity can make of One Mind, One Purpose, and One Destination.

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Our History as a Black Nation coincides with those of the Native Americans and the Israelite Nation. Who was the Aggressor in those incidents in History causing such apprehension and fear? Fear inspired by man is doomed to fail. Only Fear of the Lord is Wisdom. The things the Klan has perpetrated in "God's Name" has stained it with innocent blood which the shedding of is an Abomination to the Almighty. The real spirit is not "Racism" but Men and Women don't Fear the Almighty. The Klan has committed genocide in the name of the Lord and we still will not admit they are the real Native Born "Terrorist" in America. Trump has given them a platform that will surely result in many atrocities before the last life falls.

Lyndsey Graham his usual covert attack in live and living color.  He implies that Kavanaugh was so persecuted during his hearings that no way is Judge Jackson's support by the Media protecting her from scrutiny.  He is his usual eloquent nasty self.  But we know his plan is to taint her without appearing to do so.  We all know how that "southern boy" charm comes off as though he's an ally and makes his promises based on the fact that no "character flaw" has been found so he backdoors that they will be found but when it's too late to stop her nomination.  Really, he couldn't do better than that.